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Multimedia Services

    Putting it all together... Sound ...motion ...pictures!

    Very simply, using state-of-the-art equipment and software, we can add video, animation, voice and music to new or existing websites.

    The popular Flash plug-in provides the basis for some of the finest features of a modern web site. Among its many advantages, a Flash web site can include all site elements, seamlessly stream in audio, video and rich content, access databases, XML and dynamic content, and perform complex logic and processes.

    The proprietary programming language, ActionScript, supports complicated operations and offers the user a wealth of options. Maximize your web presence with a Flash web site!

    We are here for you.



Steven Van Zandt of Bruce
Springsteen's E-street band &
"Silvio Dante" on the Sopranos
Check out our Wild Side ...
We produced content for "Little Steven's Underground Garage" web site for eight years, including a 4 hour multimedia guided tour .

See sample: 

Guided Tour Clip - sample
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