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Website Optimization and SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)


Self Service SEO

Are you looking to increase the traffic to your website and maximize the effectiveness of the visitors you receive on a small budget?

Then our self service SEO might be just the thing for you.

What is Self Service SEO?

Our professional SEO services involve a lot of hard work by experts in the field. We have found a way to share some of the benefits of a professional SEO service that you can do yourself. If you have the drive and determination necessary to put the work into doing some of the basic tasks that are part of an SEO strategy, then read on.

How does it work?

Based upon the target keywords for your website, a comprehensive checklist will be created for you detailing the specific tasks you can take to increase your search engine rankings.

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(Pricing based on need and time)


Site Review + Consulting /with full report Free to $500 or $75 hourly
Manual Link Building Campaign $500/ or $75 hourly
Self Service SEO $500/ - $2,000 or $75 hourly
Keyword Research Package $100/ or $75 hourly
Full Service Professional SEO Services Call for quote
Monthly Retainer for Ongoing SEO*
*This includes a monthly Top ten Google Report and steps neccessary to keep the domain in the top ten (Editing of Pages/Code).
$49.95 - $2,500



Sample report

Full Service Professional SEO Services

If you are serious about not only improving your search engine rankings, but also getting the most out of the visitors you do receive through search engines, then our comprehensive SEO Services are for you.

Our experience with websites and SEO has made us experts in getting the most out of your website. We take a unique approach. We treat each customer as a unique situation. We take the time to get to know your specific needs and create a website marketing strategy that is specifically tailored to your specific needs. We are also results oriented, we create goals with measureable objectives and measure our actual success based upon these goals. The result is a comprehensive marketing campaigned designed specifically for your website to achieve the goals that are most important to you.

Contact Us For a Customized Quote

Because our SEO service is flexible and based upon your needs, we can create a website marketing plan that will fit your budget. Contact us today and you'll see why we provide more individualized service and a greater value than other services that charge twice as much.

We provide completely free, no-obligation intial report and quotes and efficient results. Fill out the Quick Submit form below to find out what we can do to get your site more traffic and more sales.


Why Our SEO Service Is Special:

  • Our Custom SEO Tools Save You Money - We've developed proprietary tools that automatically perform much of the tedious tasks that other search engine marketers charge for by the hour. We've perfected the arts of keyword research, web page optimization and link building so it can be done fast and efficiently - and we pass the savings on to you.
  • Results-Based Reporting - Each month we provide you with detailed reports showing how your rankings have changed over the month and the resulting change in visitor traffic. After all, what good are high search rankings if they don't bring traffic? We also customize reports each month to show specifically what we've been working on and how things have improved.
  • No Long Term Commitments - Most search engine marketers will require a contract of at least several months - we don't. Try our service and if you don't feel you are making sufficient progress toward achieving your search ranking goals, cancel at any time!

Richard Hersh - Netfxx

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Just the facts about our optimization services

Here's an overview of the most important features of our services:


Search Engine Ranking Checker
  • 300+ search engines: Check your rankings on more than 300 search engines (including Google, Yahoo and Bing Search) from more than 30 countries.
  • Fast: Check your rankings on many search engines at once.
  • Powerful: Check an unlimited number of URLs and as many keywords as you want.
  • Accurate results: Get the most accurate results, using real Microsoft Internet Explorer windows (invisible to the user).
  • Search engine friendly: Causing as little traffic as possible for the search engines.
  • Track rankings over time: Stores previous ranking checks and tracks rankings over time. See whether your rankings are going up or down.
  • Search depth: Check as many as 500 results for each keyword and search engine.
  • Ranking reports: Create ranking reports in four different formats: web page (.htm), PDF document (.pdf), text file (.txt) and Microsoft Word document (.doc).
  • Export: Export ranking check results as comma-separated files (.csv) or tab-delimited files (.tab) that can be imported by database applications. In addition, export results as Microsoft Excel documents (.xls).

  • Submit to 500+ search engines: Submit your website to more than 500 search engines, directories and special interest sites from more than 30 countries, including Google, Yahoo and Bing Search.
  • Submit automatically or manually: Submit your website automatically or semi-automatically. You have the choice.
  • Submit to directories: submit to Internet directories.
  • Submit to industry-specific sites: Submit your website to industry-specific websites (vortals/vertical portals). Generate more traffic to your website and increase the link popularity of your website.
  • Submit to search engines that require validation codes: submits your website to search engines that require validation codes.
  • Submission reports: Create submission reports in four different formats: web page (.htm), PDF document (.pdf), text file (.txt) and Microsoft Word document (.doc).

Top 10 web page optimizer

  • Get top rankings: We analyze the current top search results for any keyword on any search engine and compares the top ranked pages with your website to obtain a top ranking for the given keyword on the chosen search engine.
  • Always up-to-date: Top 10 Optimizer is always up-to-date because it uses the current search results in real-time.
  • Powerful: Choose any keyword or key phrase. Choose from more than 300 search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing Search. Select any competitor site.
  • Thorough: We analyze more than 75 web page elements that search engines use to rank a website, including link popularity, directory submission, meta tags and link texts.


Inbound link tools
  • Get high quality inbound links: We improve the rankings of your website even more by getting links from related websites.
  • Get one-way links: We find related websites, directories and link pages that want to link to your website.
  • Powerful: We use ARELIS, the most advanced tool for link management, link exchange and link popularity..


Website Optimization Editor
  • Optimize web pages: We optimize your web pages so that search engines can fully read them.
  • All important web page elements: Quickly edit the web page title, meta tags, IMG ALT attributes and even the link texts of your web pages.
  • Local Search Tags: Add geographical meta tags to your web pages to make your web pages ready for the Local Search feature of search engines.
  • Special meta tags: Add the Meta Googlebot tag and the Meta MSNbot tag to your web pages. We also supports the NOODP, the NOYDIR and many other search engine related meta tags.
  • Competitor analysis: Download competitor web pages and see how they design their pages.
  • Standards-compatible: The website Optimization Editor alters the HTML source of your web pages as little as possible, preserving your HTML source code style. It also supports XHTML code.

Keyword analysis research
  • Find popular keywords: Quickly find keywords that are common enough that people actually use them, but unique enough to generate highly qualified, targeted traffic.
  • Manage keyword lists: Quickly generate and manage lists of keywords and key phrases that you can use for your pay per click management, or to optimize your web pages.
  • Multiple languages: Get keyword suggestions in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Danish.
  • Export keyword lists: Export your keyword lists to text files, databases (comma-separated or tab-delimited files) or to Microsoft Excel.
  • Powerful: Edit an unlimited number of keywords. Edit multiple keywords at once.
  • Fast: If you edit 200 or 200,000 keywords, the keyword editor remains fast.
  • Generate new keywords: Generate new keywords by combining existing ones, for example the keywords "search engine" and "marketing" generate the new keywords "search marketing", "engine marketing", "search engine marketing", etc.
  • Google AdWords support: Convert your keywords to "Phrase Match" phrases or "Exact Match" phrases to get more targeted traffic from your Google AdWords keywords.

Search for your client's site - Use the site command on Google, Bing and Yahoo to see if your client's site is indexed. Ex. “site:www.gigglywigglypreschool.com.” If your client's site is not indexed, you need to figure out what is preventing the search engines from crawling it. Be sure to also search the title tags of your client's most important pages to see where/if they rank. Record your results.


Sign up and verify with Google AnalyticsGoogle Webmaster Tools, and Bing Webmaster Center - This is an important step that will become necessary later.

Let Google Analytics run for two weeks before doing any SEO 
- This allows analytics to collect data and provides you with a baseline. I recommend you screen capture the relevant pages so you can show your client how your work has positively affected their site.

Evaluate the visual design of your client's site - If the site drives people away, no amount of SEO efforts will help. If the site looks terrible, find well designed sites in your client's niche.

Check compatibility between browsers - Visit your client's site using Mozilla Firefox 2.x and Internet Explorer 6 and 7 and Safari 3.x. Remember to do this on both a Mac and a PC. You want to make sure your client's website renders correctly and won't drive away users.

Create a new e-mail address specific to the site you are working on - Use this address for all e-mails pertaining to your project. This is especially important for link building.

Look at your HTML code and optimize all of the SEO related tags 
- If you are unsure what these are, reread the Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

      • Primary objective should be accomplishable from the homepage
      • Keyword in title tag (unique for each page, include keywords)
      • Keyword in H1 on each page
      • Keyword in text
      • Optimize URL architecture (www.website.com/birds/eagle instead of www.website.com/allanimals/?type=bird&species=eagle). Use 301 redirects if you rename pages
      • Information architecture - as few clicks as possible
      • On relevant images include keywords in alt tags and in filenames
      • Nofollow appropriate links

Decide if you need a meta description - Modern search engines are great at scanning the text of websites and displacing applicable snippets based on user queries. You need to decide if you want to rely on the algorithm or create your own description. I suggest making your own meta description for your homepage and letting the engines figure out the rest. Remember the purpose of making your description is to convince potential customers to click on your link in the SERPs. Make it convincing and use your keywords.
Add company address and phone number - Be sure to do this on every page. The search engines are smart enough to detect address and phone number formats. This data is essential to local search. I recommend adding the the following formatted data (example is for an American company) to the footer of all of your client's pages:

Company Name
1111 11th Pl NE
City, State Zip
(555) 555-5555

Add a robots.txt
 - This is important for a couple reasons. First, it allows you to specify exactly what pages major search engines can crawl. Second, including a robots.txt makes tracking search engines easier because they always download the file before navigating your client's site. This characteristic differentiates the SEs from normal human visitors.


Add your client's business and website to the major search engine's local listings
 - This is paramount as local search is likely to drive the majority of your traffic. These are the most important places to submit:

Add your client's website to industry specific directories - To find the relevant directories, use the list of link sources you created earlier. Also, you can try searching for “(your client's local city name) business directory” and “(your client's industry) directory.” For example, I would search “Issaquah business directory” and “preschool directory.” Be sure to record which directories you add your client's site to and the usernames and passwords you use. You should use the e-mail address you created earlier for directory registrations. You should also make sure to use different passwords for different logins. You should always be thinking about maintaining your client's security.

Try to get the links your competition already has gotten - Use the list of link sources you generated from Yahoo Site Explorer and try to acquire links from those sources. This may be as simple as submitting a form or as cumbersome as e-mailing webmasters to find out their link addition policies. Always try to get your keywords in your link anchor text.

Get more links - Scour the internet and find other sites that might want to link to your client's site (site:website.com "submit a link"). Remember the importance of the source of your links and the anchor text used. 100,000 links from spammy sites with bad anchor text will help you less than a single link with excellent keyword anchor text from a super authoritative site. A good place to start is to use the Juicy Link Finder. You should also consider your local chamber of commerce, local networking groups, and local complimentary businesses. Search engines like to see local links pointing at locally targeted websites.

Decide if utilizing social media sites is advantageous - Is your client in an industry that could actively participate in social media? If so, be sure not to be spammy and to only contribute quality and appropriate content. It is much more expensive to fix a ruined online reputation for a business than it is for a standard user. You may also want to consider adding your client's business to professional networks such as Linkedin.

Create and submit sitemaps - Create a sitemap. Then login into Google Webmaster Central and Bing Search Webmaster Tools and submit it.

Optimize your client's site from Google's side
 - Login to Google Webmaster Tools and click on the tools menu. You will want to set the correct geographical target and preferred domain.  In addition, you must also decide if you want to enable image search. It may drive you traffic but the traffic will unlikely be useful.

Track and Improve

Track progress - I recommend taking a monthly screenshot of all of the following SERPs. A screenshot is an easy way to gather a lot of information. The image files contain data on when they were taken so they are easy to organize. I recommend you do this for the following:

      • Ask Local SERP
      • Ask Main SERP
      • Google Local SERP
      • Google Main SERP
      • Google Webmaster Tools
      • Bing Maps SERP
      • Bing Local SERP
      • Bing Search Webmaster Central
      • Yahoo Local SERP
      • Yahoo Main SERP
      • Yahoo Site Explorer

Create and maintain a spreadsheet of your rankings - This gives you a resource to prove to your client that your work is necessary. Be sure to keep it updated monthly so that you are always aware of how you rank.

Continue to make changes, build links, and record your results
 - This step will never be completed. You should strive to become number one on all your SERPs and get so far ahead that none of your competitors will be able to compete.

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